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Breastfeeding Classes



Breastfeeding is not necessarily instinctive.  Moms that take a breastfeeding class prenatally, are more likely to meet their breastfeeding goals. It helps to learn what normal newborn baby behavior is and how to tell what your baby is trying to communicate with different behaviors.




I will come to your home for a one-on-one private breastfeeding class.  Moms often feel more comfortable learning and asking questions in the privacy of their own home.  Moms are most successful at breastfeeding when they learn exactly what to expect in the early days of nursing.  We will discuss:

·         Strategies to build a good milk supply

·         How to achieve a comfortable latch

·         How to determine whether breastfeeding is going well

·         How to read your baby's behaviors

·         Pumping strategies and pumping plan for return to work

·         Your concerns about breastfeeding

Prenatal classes are scheduled for 1-2 hours.  


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