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Lactation Services


Breastfeeding is challenging at first. Ninety percent of moms that plan to breastfeed encounter problems in the first weeks of lactation. The good news is that all breastfeeding problems have solutions! An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant is expertly trained to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. 

Reasons for seeking assistance from an IBCLC include:

Sore or Damaged Nipples

Breast Pain / Plugged Ducts / Mastitis

Low Supply / Oversupply

Unable to Latch / Poor Latch

Sleepy Infant

Poor Weight Gain

Previous Breast Surgery






I can offer in home support to help you meet your personal breastfeeding goals.  I will come to your home to observe breastfeeding, assist you in improving latch and problem solve whatever issue you may be having.  Full consultation includes:

·         Evaluation of history related to breastfeeding

·         Feeding observation and assessment

·         Care plan

·         Telephone follow-up  as needed, until the problem is resolved.

Initial full lactation consultation is scheduled for 60-90 minutes, although sometimes it may take longer to work through more complicated issues.

$90 for up to 90 minutes, moms who have taken a prenatal class from me qualify for a discount


In some cases, one or more follow-up visits may be necessary to measure progress, improve latch, deal with related issues or provide confirmation of improvement (weight gain, milk transfer, etc.).  On initial care plan, I may suggest a follow-up appointment.



If a new client has a brief breastfeeding related question, I will be happy to speak at no charge.  If a phone discussion requires extra time or a current client has developed a new problem (not related to the initial consult) and does not warrant a home consultation, we can schedule an official telephone or Skype consultation.


If my travel is more than 25 miles to reach your home, there will be a $25 travel fee to cover gas and time.

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There will be a $25 cancellation fee if canceling within 24 hours of appointment.