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Nutrition Services


Initial Nutrition Assessment/Consultation

A 60-120 minute session in your home to assess your health goals and concerns, medical history, body composition, current diet and lifestyle. This includes nutrition education, goal setting and management plan.  To get started. fill out the following nutrition assessment form. $90

Follow- Up Visits

Each Follow-up session is a 30 minute visit in your home to review your plan and previous goals along with continued instruction and support. These visits are a great way to build on the knowledge gained from our initial sessions and to fine tune your program. $40

Telephone/Skype Follow-up Consultation

Includes review of previous plan, goal and food journal, nutrition education, problem solving, goal setting and update of management plan. $16

Weekly intuitive eating Journal Review

Weekly intuitive eating journal reviews are available to clients who have completed an Initial Consultation.  I can review your journal weekly and offer feedback to help meet your goals via telephone or e-mail. $16

Infant/Toddler Nutrition Consultation

Includes basic Infant/Toddler nutrition education.  Includes strategies to develop a love for a variety of healthy foods.  Learn how and when to introduce foods to avoid allergies.  Implementing a few simple strategies early on can help you avoid the food struggles that so many busy families face. 1 hour consultation $60

Child Nutrition Consultation

Do you worry that your child may not be meeting their nutritional needs? Does your child have food aversions? Has your child been diagnosed with an Attention Deficit Disorder? Is your child an athlete? Nutritional deficiencies can impact mental health, attention, behavioral issues and athletic performance.  I can do an assessment on your child's needs and current food intake.  Together we can develop a plan to improve your child's nutritional status.  1 hour consultation $60

Prenatal Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition status during pregnancy is critical to growth and development of your little one.  Certain nutrient deficiencies can even impact a child's lifelong health and I.Q.  Includes assessment of diet history, and prenatal nutrition education. 1 hour consultation $60

8 Week healthy mind and body Package

Learn to incorporate the principles of body kindness and intuitive eating into your lifestyle. Feel better from the inside out, improve lab values and grow a stronger mind and body with weekly guidance. Includes initial consultation followed by 7 weekly private telephone follow up consultations. $195


If I must travel more than 25 miles to reach a home, there will be a minimal travel fee of $25 to cover gas and time.